YQA Hiking: Bras D’eau

YQA Hiking: Bras D’eau

The Young Queer Alliance(YQA) which which aims to empower young lgbt and allies organised an outing as a medium for capacity building as well as a chillaxing moments between friends.

Overwatch: New LGBT characters coming soon

The team-based multiplayer “Overwatch” will shortly have multiple new characters including LGBT characters due to popular demands. It should be noted that there are speculations among that some current characters are already LGBT.

Supergirl’s Alex “Coming out”

Supergirl’s Alex “Coming out”

One month after the Coming Out Day (11 October), the buzz is about what has been considered as the ‘coming out’ scene of Alex at the bar with Maggie. Critics and spectators alike, have appraised the scene for the apparent smoothness and naturalness to the act.

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