The Young Queer Alliance (YQA) is a non-governmental, youth-led and apolitical organisation registered in the Republic of Mauritius to empower individuals and organisations, promote equality and leading change for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Intersex (LGBTI) people. Founded on the 1st February 2014, YQA was officially registered on the 1st September 2014 after a successful complaint at the Equal Opportunities Commission due to homophobic authorities.

Within these few years of existence, through advocacy, activism and field interventions on various legal, social, policy making and health matters, coupled with a strong networking among LGBTQI people and other stakeholders, the YQA has positioned itself as a reference in the struggle for equality in the Republic of Mauritius for the LGBTQI community at large and for local and regional actors.


The Young Queer Alliance is dedicated to advance equal human rights of LGBTQI people in the Republic of Mauritius by instilling the culture of volunteering and activism. The YQA seeks to empower LGBTQI people to promote equality and be leaders of change. For this, our main pillars of action are:


No movement, no organisation exist without a critical mass of individuals with the ability to mobilise, organise and act. At YQA we believe in human potential and their work, and the difference they can make for LGBTQI people in their communities – at workplace, in schools and at home. We equip young people and community actors with the appropriate tools and confidence to be role models and leaders so as to network and infuence others.


Mauritius is a concentration of richness of civilisations and diversity inter-mingled. Believing in the tested aptitudes of Mauritians to be accepting and celebrating diversity, the Young Queer Alliance goes in communities reaching people from a diverse range of ages, sexes and ethnic and religious appurtenance to foster dialogue on issues of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression.

The commitment to promoting acceptance and celebrating diversity is further translated to actions through numerous media interventions, visibility, I-stories and promoting space-sharing between LGBTQI and heterosexuals.


Strong and accountable institutions and representatives are key components in the struggle for equality. At YQA, we will continue to lobby government and political representatives to amend laws that do not ensure equality for LGBTQI people or enforce existing laws on sexual orientation. We will also empower institutions and hold them accountable for violations of basic human rights.

Despite the progress for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals (LGB), we recognise that trans people are still not recognised under laws in Mauritius and LGBTQI people face harassment, discrimination, persecution and lack of equal opportunities. Thus, at YQA, we will continue fighting to ensure that trans people are regarded as citizens with equal rights as well as continuously holding local representatives accountable for laws they pass and decision they take as well as advocating for a better society.


The Young Queer Alliance envisions a society where “being human is the sole prerequisite to have equal human rights”.


YQA provides various services to attain its mission:

1. Counselling and support
2. HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention
3. Safe spaces and outings
4. Advocacy and Research

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