“We spent times doing selfies, walking on beach under a cyclonic weather, some would actually swim, we even planned cakes for the birthday of three of our peeps…”

A trip through Bras d’Eau trail, the mysterious caves of Roche Noire and the beaches of Poste la Fayete… throwback on a moment… a lovely moment.

The Young Queer Alliance(YQA) which aims to empower young lgbt and allies, organised an outing as a medium for capacity building as well as a chillaxing moments between friends. The outing also served as personal development, self-esteem, and creating safer and inter-connected communities. Here are some lovely pictures and testimonies from some of our adventurers.

 “Thanks to YQA outing, I discovered new places,including la cave noire which was really amazing… Sure, Mauritius is a great place!!!”

“Just to say that each outdoor activity (with the Young Queer Alliance) is a new experience for me and they always help me to in capacity building and team spirit. It is with perseverance/ determination, and smile and loads of laughter that I always achieved them.”

The winds, the rains, the sun, the oxygen… the explorers experienced all the elements of mother nature while becoming one with it. See you for the next outing sweet people, keep rocking and check our event page regularly for more activities <3

Credits: Sam Thomasoo and Shayne Kevin

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