#RedFlagAlert #StaySafe

We are raising the red flag alert to ask LGBTQ members to allow things to settle in the coming 1-2 weeks and not to engage in online discussions that will endanger your security and that of your dear friends.

Online threats to LGBTQ Youth raises Safety and Security concerns with consequences such as a) higher risk of depression, suicide and substance abuse; b) threat of violence, physical assault and bullying; c) risk of homelessness; and d) higher risks for transgender people.

We recommend you the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. guide for safety of the LGBTQ communities: https://www.stopthinkconnect.org/resources/preview/tip-sheet-what-lgbt-communities-should-know-about-online-safety

#STOP: Take security precautions.
#THINK: Understand the consequences of your actions and behaviours.
#CONNECT: Enjoy the benefits of the internet.

Below are few security tips:

1. Review the security of your profile in terms of privacy
2. Kindly hide or delete any personal information that you may have which can be susceptible to make people track you down: Residential address, contact details, profile pictures, work place, etc.
3. If you feel that any pictures that you have taken around events or activities that might cause harm to you, kindly remove them temporarily, untag yourself, or request the album creator to remove the pictures.
4. Screenshot any provocative, insulting, abusive, threatening messages that you have received without deleting them, and link up with the YQA so that we can accompany you to hold perpetrators accountable.
5. Do not reply to provocations. Keep cool. Stay calm.
6. Ever in doubt, connect to YQA members and peers. They have been trained to address physical and online security. They will be able to guide you.

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