“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

Ten years ago, I was first attracted to a person of the same sex. Ignorant of what my feelings were, I buttoned up for the sake of sanity. All my friends were conveying their love and emotions on people of the opposite sex and I kept my reality concealed.

Hiding is a progressive habit which turns harder and harder every time. The struggle to accept the truth was not only hard but atrocious. Personal stress and the stigma that society could tag on me was unimaginable.

Fast forward to my adulthood, I have realised that we are all surrounded by hetero norms. When people find out that you are gay, it amplifies something in them, they feel endangered and they want to change you. One major thing, they do not realise that we all bleed red, we all have clear tears, we all have human flesh, nothing is different except for the fact that some still roam with crappy ideologies.

Be accepting of yourself even though other people might not do it, some may abhor you, maybe you will even lose a couple of Facebook friends over it and that is totally okay because in the end of the day some may cherish you inside out and that is what we got to live for. You got to own this side of yourself, it is about love, do what your heart says. Never ever let bullies get to you, you are way stronger than peoples’ commentary.

Life can be fabulous, if you keep the courage to defy your enemies and strive for yourself. Explore your sexuality and never be ashamed of what you are, because you are the ONLY one in a million.

– Vandanaa_Ish


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