Our sassy eye for fashion and queer hot news makes a review of PEO-PLE and the latest hits or hurt! Starting 2019, the hall of fame: Rupaul, Madona and Mother Monster… The hall of shame: Jussie Mollett and Karl Legerfeld. Special pick: Trump! Thank you #K!

Jussie Mollett fakes his own homophobic attack… for popularity!

One of the most recent controversies concerns Jussie Mollett, an actor on the hit show EMPIRE. He was allegedly attacked on the 29th of January 2019. He says the attack was Homophobic and Racist. But after a lot of investigations and the arrest of the two prime suspects, the truth came out and shocked everyone. The Empire star, faked his own attack in hopes of boosting his career and popularity. He allegedly Paid $3,500 to his attackers and rehearsed the attack. A lot of celebrities jumped to support the actor after the attack but now it just seems like he took advantage of his sexuality for his own good. But he may have not been such a good actor after all, since he was caught!

Controversy around tribute to Karl Legerfeld on his death

On a fashionable turn, style icon, Karl Legerfeld passed away on February 19th 2019 in Paris. Chanel is a staple in the fashion industry and has maintained its spot in the top brands of luxury clothing. Despite being remembered and celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne, Nicki Minaj and countless more A list celebs paying their tribute to Karl. A lot of others were furious that such a controversial man was being celebrated. Karl had a long Career and he said some very controversial things like calling the beloved singer ADELE “a little too fat”, and disdained the “me too” movement by saying that “If you don’t want your pants pulled down, join the nunnery instead” which rubbed people the wrong way. With controversies concerning use of real fur to not paying great attention to Anorexia, Karl was being dragged by people who didn’t like his train of thought! But many defended Karl by stating, “The art should be separated from the artist”, undeniably Karl’s work always CHANELled excellence and beauty whatever that meant to him.

Rupaul’s Drag race S11 begins

The beloved show, Rupaul’s Drag race will return on the screens of fans as from the 28th February 2019! It’s the 11th season of the Emmy winning reality Tv show. The show is at its peak with numerous nominations and highest viewing rate. With the recent double crowning, season 11 has a lot to live up to! So lets start our engines and watch the best woman win!

Fans of Madonna and Lady Gaga ask for iconic collaboration

Moving on to more glorious news, Madonna, the LGBT queen, singer of the iconic, “Vogue” recently met up with the “Born this way” singer Lady Gaga at the Oscars. These two had their differences in the past with back and forth diva bickering but that all seems to have come to an end when pictures of these two enjoying with big smiles emerged after the event. And the queer community went gaga! The fans are demanding an iconic collaboration!

Queering politics: Trump’s just other attack on Transgender people

With Pride Approaching, preparations all over the world is being done to celebrate this thing we call LOVE! In no time, the rainbow flag will float high and joyous people will all join hands to celebrate unity and diversity. Hopefully, we wont to face haters.

Talking about haters, Trump’s transgender ban in the military service is devastating news to our trans brothers and sisters. So far the outlook looks horrible and Trump announced that he will endorse a plan to restrict service of Trans people diagnosed with gender dysmorphia in March 2019. This set ablaze the hopes of countless trans people including those who devoted their lives to the military and getting this kind of unfair treatment in return.

Trump has done many things to hinder our community as a whole but he cannot erase the legacy the LGBT community has built from the days of Stonewall. This is the time we all come together and fight for our fundamental rights! Together we can, and together we Will!

K. Greedarry

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