Article paru dans Le Mauricien | 5 juillet, 2011 – 16:30 | Par FOKEERBUX N.A.

Bringing the issue of homosexuality at parliamentary level has indeed helped in launching a pronounced debate on this topic. Agreed that we need one; but we do not need just any debate. We are to be able to give an intellectual and humanitarian dimension to this issue. The reason why we ought to discuss is because the debate in itself is a means to clarify misunderstandings about homosexuality, to reach a consensus on this issue and to identify the institutions and structures to be set-up.

The Intellectual Dimension

An intellectual debate is one where we speak of scientific evidences and objective research papers. It is in no way a debate where we set our standards as lowly as other countries where freedom of speech is relentlessly violated. These countries have utmost barbarity since lesbians are raped; homosexuals flogged or given death sentences because of their sexual leanings. “All over the world, people face human rights abuses and violations because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, including torture, rape, criminal sanctions, and killing,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement issued in Washington. If our society is to evolve and progress, then our standards ought to be above our own standards. We call upon human rights organizations and feminine movements to denounce with vehemence the treatment inflicted to lesbians and gays in these countries.

The Humanitarian Debate

For a humanitarian debate, we refer to understanding, tolerance, compassion and acceptance. Isn’t humanity the religion above all religions?

Matching with our Principles at the MMM

Our principles, our beliefs; both result in our ideologies. Just to cite some so as to centre the debate on the required axes:

  • A society without discrimination, oppression, exploitation – These clearly emphasize on the adoption of the EOA (Equal Opportunities Act); irrespective of gender, social status, race, skin colour, community, caste, religion and even sexual orientation.
  • An action anchored in humanity and human rights progress; to have an emancipated nation in unity, liberty (freedom) and fraternity by working for ALL components of our rainbow nation – A free and emancipated nation is to be achieved by promotion of individual freedom of all citizens; hence, promotion of rights of homosexuals to enter into a state-recognised union.
  • Consolidation of national unity in diversity – Legislation promoting equal rights of homosexuals ensure that gradually but surely, the opinion and perception of components of our nation change through tolerance.
  • Promotion of social justice – Are we to agree verbal and physical violence towards an individual? Are we to allow teenager suicides due to their sexual orientation? If we speak of social justice, then we cannot turn a blind eye on homosexuality and problems that homosexuals face in Mauritius.

Today, we are in a chaotic situation; not knowing where and how to debate. Do not corrupt the debate with ‘communal’ positions or taking references to countries below our standards. Centre the debate on institutions to be set-up. Fight with our principles on the frontline and recall those who have strayed from these ideologies. Society is evolving. Let us be dynamic actors of this evolution!


(MMM Youth Wing – Jeunesse Militante)

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