The Young Queer Alliance organised a two-days training on Physical and Digital Security on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 at the Gold Crest Hotel, Quatres Bornes. The training was much appreciated by the participants which consisted of members from different NGOs in Mauritius.

“I really appreciated it… today I learnt many things I never knew before”
“As member of the LGBT community, I often feel insecure and often subjected to threats but I know how to protect myself”
” I love how the workshop was very interactive between the facilitators and participants… and not just one -sided”

trainings irfan

Among the trainers, there were security experts from the Mauritius Police Force as well as other fields. Emphasis was also put on the neccesity of the well-being of social activisits so they can reach their activism goals.

“We want more trainings like these… and we are pleasantly surprised to received both a certificate and stipend at the end”

Each of the participant who successfully completed the two-days workshop were given a certificate along with a stipend.

certificate shayne

certificate mim

certificate mk

See video coverage of the trainings along with the launching of the YQA Barometer by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation(national television) below:

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