“The energetic lady from afar opened the floor while hitting some cool musical notes… a first for the listener. As she swayed back and forth, it became unclear to the perplexed listener, whether it was her body or her tongue which was drowning in an avalanche of words…

A story was told and a dozen more unfolded

The gradual slamming of words into hungry brains was soon translated into spoken words with meanings; each his or her own. The unlearnt listener was being taught the ways of Slam 101. A story was told and a dozen more unfolded. The listener was in awe as the words flew around him.

“Give her a ten”, he thought but “Give me a seven”, was all he could hear

He watched as the new voices as they sprout with novel ideas and he watched as the girl in hijab sent an outcry to her lord, to her people, to all people… The listener is no slammer, or at least so he thought before the lady from afar spoke. So here he is, awkwardly trying to slam up through the clickety clack of a keyboard with the world as stage through some mysterious technological device… “Give her a ten”, he thought but “Give me a seven”, was all he could hear.Again he says, give her a ten, give the lady from afar a ten, give Dasha a ten…The watch did not say three minutes and ten, but it still ended at three ten…”

A special thanks to Dasha Kelly Hamilton and to the US embassy for this commendable initiative. The Young Queer Alliance is always in appreciation to the wonderful activities organized by the US embassy which aim to empower the young people, promote well-being and education.

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