1. Expression of Interest (EOI) is being sought from Media Houses to submit a proposal for a “Video documentary on LGBTQ issues in Mauritius”.

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A. Context

2. Mauritius is an island country of roughly 1.3 million inhabitants of diverse ethnicity and religion. In spite of this rich culture of tolerance and respect, LGBT-phobic violence is a lived reality for many LGBT persons living in Mauritius. Afrobarometer showed a slight progress in tolerance for LGBT people from 49% (2015) to 55% (2018).

3. Despite the slight progress, in 2017, the YQA carried out a survey on the “Socio-economic conditions of LGBT people in Mauritius” having for aim, inter-alia, to understand how LGBT rights can be better addressed in Mauritius. An alarming 60.2% of respondents reported being victims of discrimination, stigmatisation and/or violence due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Respondents reported that cases of violence against them as a result of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity occur in various spheres of the society but mainly at home, in schools, in public transport and on the streets.

4. The Kolektif Drwa Imin/Kantar survey (2020) evidenced that violence and discrimination (48%), public insults (44%), families/friends’ rejection (41%), not accepted by society (38%), and not welcomed in many places (24%) are the forms/types of violence towards LGBT people. Moreover, there is a perception that violence against LGBT people manifest when there is same-sex expression of love/linking/affection. The research also established that 46% of the respondents do not agree of same-sex relationships. 30% of the respondents felt that LGBT people needed to stay closeted to avoid being victims of violence and insults.

5. The major causes of violence towards LGBT people are due to fear of people’s perceptions/judgements (43%), against religious convictions (38%), against personal convictions (34%) and hatred (20%). Awareness of LGBT-phobic cases was mainly (63%) through the media.

B. Scope of works

6. The selected Media Agency will need to produce a 40 minutes video documenting the issues faced by LGBTQ persons in Mauritius using audio-visual means. The Media Agency will need to engage with local NGOs, LGBTQ persons in Mauritius and experts to showcase violations taking place against LGBTQ individuals in the country and individual narratives. The Media Agency will engage in video montage, background sound production, and provide the video set up.

7. The selected Media Agency will also need to launch the video live on or around International Human Rights Day, followed by an interview of representatives of local NGOs and LGBTQ community members. 30 persons are expected to be physically present during the video launching.

8. The activities for the video documentary consist of, inter-alia:

(i) a programme of works outlining the documentation, interviews, filming, video editing and montage, and live launching event;

(ii) context, laws, policies, human experiences;

(iii) validation of video content prior to filming;

(iv) video production;

(v) vetting of final video content; and

(vi) launching.

C. Disbursement

9. The cost estimate (inclusive of VAT) for the video documentary and assignment is MUR 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Rupees). Disbursement will be as follows:

MilestoneDisbursement of research cost
Submission of 8 (i), (ii) and (iii)25%
Submission of 8 (iv) and (v)50%
Submission of 8 (vi)25%

10. Funds will be disbursed within 15 days of completion of each milestone.

D. Submission of proposals

11. Proposals for the video documentary shall include:

(i) an outline of the situation of LGBTQ persons in Mauritius;

(ii) a cost-breakdown (inclusive of VAT) of works to be undertaken;

(iii) the implementation timeline;

(iv) the perspectives proposed to be adopted by the Media Agency for the video documentary; and

(v) the credentials (and experience where applicable) of the company and/or persons involved.

12. Interested Media Houses are kindly requested to submit proposals by email with subject “Video on LGBTQ issues in Mauritius – Reference No. YQA/2021/61” addressed to the Secretary, Young Queer Alliance, at info@youngqueeralliance.com on or before Monday, 12 July 2021 24:00hrs (local time) at latest.

13. Successful applicants will be invited for a presentation of their proposal as part of the selection exercise. The selected applicant will be required to attend monthly/regular meetings for the proper development/completion of the video documentary and related activities.

14. The Young Queer Alliance reserves the right NOT to retain any proposal following the EOI or the presentation/interview.

Young Queer Alliance

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