In 1994, Heather Watkins, a bookstore employee, is murdered by her friend Ryan, who had previously shown no indication that he planned on killing her. After murdering her and several mall employees, he is shot to death by the police. The media report the massacre as the norm for Shadyside, which they dub the murder capital of the United States.

On the other hand, the neighboring town of Sunnyvale is the total opposite, being considered one of the richest and safest cities in the country. Many of the Shadyside teenagers believe that the event the result of the witch, Sarah Fier, who placed a curse on the town before being executed for witchcraft in 1666.

The first part of Netflix’s newest horror movie trilogy Fear Street, features a young, queer couple as the heroes of their own stories.

The movie shines light on the struggles of two young queer girls named Deena and Sam as they try to navigate their relationship with each other amidst the eerie, scary, and mysterious events happening to their fellow Shadysiders, their friends, and then eventually, to them.

Young Queer Alliance

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