The Young Queer Alliance organised a training on “Mental Health as Human Right” at its YQA Center on Saturday 24 July 2021. The psychologist, Mrs Mariette hosted the session through the zoom platform on different subject matters related to Mental Health as Human Right.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the importance of mental health, right to life, and the risks and daily barriers often faced by LGBTQ people to live a peaceful life. 

Mrs Mariette referred to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to support her arguments on human rights. Mental health issues are often related to violations to human rights and LGBTQ+ people in Mauritius also face a lot of challenges by institutions to access services for mental health. In these situations, despite having the right to health care and education system, LGBTQ people are often ostricised. 

For Mrs Mariette, “Mauritius is still struggling to elevate the mindset of its population, as is still combating the ethic/religious prejudices and stereotyping present.” 

This activity has been organised in collaboration with the Collectif-Arc-En-Ciel under the “Strengthening the Inclusion and social acceptance of LGBTQIA+ persons, through policy and mindset changes in Mauritius and Rodrigues”, an EU funded project.  

Young Queer Alliance

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