The Young Queer Alliance organised a training on “Sexual and Physical Health Rights of LGBTQIA+ people” on 03 August 2021. The objective of the training was to raise awareness on the importance of sexual and physical health rights of LGBTQIA+ people as well as to share prevention and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections to which LGBTQIA+ people may be exposed.

The facilitators for this training were Mr Sobhy, Nursing Officer from the AIDS Unit, Mrs S.Philipe from the Mauritius Family Planning and Welfare Association (MFPWA) and Ms D. Purmessur, the HIV-tester at the YQA. The facilitators shared information on STIs, services provided by the YQA, and right to health among others.

Mrs S. Philipe also discussed about the importance of sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental human rights. The Yogyakarta Principles is a universal guide to human rights provides the framework to which States must comply. The right to sexual health is an integral part of an individual and society.

This activity has been organised in collaboration with the Collectif-Arc-En-Ciel under the “Strengthening the Inclusion and social acceptance of LGBTQIA+ persons, through policy and mindset changes in Mauritius and Rodrigues”, an EU funded project.

Young Queer Alliance

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