Miss Trans Global™ is an international digital event held to bring trans women from all backgrounds together to showcase their abundant talents, wits, creativity and raise awareness on transgender issues worldwide.

Karla Michelle-Delprado, a trans woman in Mauritius, participated in the pageant contest which started in October 2021 and ended end November 2021.

For Karla, participating in the event was an opportunity to bring to light the challenges faced by trans people in Mauritius.

She narrated that, in Mauritius, though there has been some progress in terms of employment and equal opportunities law, LGBTQ people are still greatly marginalised and same sex relationships are criminalised. Trans people are not recognised and sex change is not possible.

The challenges that trans people faced has motivated Karla to join with the Young Queer Alliance to support the trans community and empower them to stand for themselves.

Together with the YQA, since 2015, Karla is an advocate for public owned hospitals to provide hormonal therapy free of charge to Trans people. Subsequently, since 2018, Trans people can have access to hormonal therapy, therefore, supporting us in our transition.

She also intervenes on local newspapers to give a voice to the trans community.

On 31 March 2021, on the occasion of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, she spoke about challenges and about education being the key to acceptance as it empowers trans people.

On 16 January 2022, the Young Queer Alliance hosted the crowning of Queen Karla Michelle-Delprado, who was awarded the Popular Goddess (Queen) of the Year 2021, the Top leaderboard to top 13 and Queen Baroness Global 2021 by the Miss Trans Global franchise.

She was sashed by Vipine Aubeeluck, President of YQA; her trophy was given by to her by José Etive alias Mandela, Activist, designer and Founder of Association VISA G, crowned by Adlette Kennoo, her mother; and her bouquet of flowers were given by Urvashi Beetul, her coworker (left to right).

For Karla, living as a trans person makes her feel true to herself and validates her identity in society. She states:
I am valid. I am valid because when I transition into who I am, I feel at peace. I am valid because when I am loved for who I am by my parent and siblings, there is no bigger feeling. I am valid because whenever I stand my ground for my rights, I feel respected. I am valid because I am.

Winning the title Queen Baroness Global 2021 has set a new milestone for Karla and which motivates her to pursue her advocacy, social work and activism for her fellow trans sisters in Mauritius through the Young Queer Alliance and Association VISA G.

She states:

For me real beauty comes from the inside; within your heart. With the title comes vast responsibilities. I am ready for the challenge as I would like to make a stronger impact for our community, to make it visible, respected and have a place in the society.

Young Queer Alliance

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