Kartik, a renowned Mumbai-based photographer, decides to pay a visit to his mother in his village in the South Indian state of Kerala after four years. Upon reaching his birth home, his aunt presents him to the family of one of his childhood friend, Neela, to fix his marriage. However, little does his family and neighbourhood know that he is gay and that he is living with his partner, Aman, who he often refers to as his roommate, in Mumbai.

Kartik’s father, a stern and old-fashioned government employee, wishes for him to get married with a woman and settle down in life. He puts his wife on the task when mother and son decide to go for a picnic to convince Kartik to get married. During the picnic Kartik tells his mother that he is gay. Kartik’s mother is conflicted between tradition, duty and her love for her son. And against all odds, she finally takes the courage to stand up to her husband and support Kartik for who he is.

Young Queer Alliance

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