The PlanetRomeo Foundation, provided the Young Queer Alliance with a funding of EUR 2,000 to provide face masks, hand sanitizers and food packs to LGBTQ people in Mauritius who have been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

The impact of the lockdown has affected one and all. However, LGBTQ people in Mauritius, being marginalised and having challenges to access opportunities, faced the blunt edge of COVID-19 and movement restriction measures.

This situation affected mostly trans people who are often unemployed or are self-employed and have to rely on a conducive business environment to earn a livelihood while altogether respecting sanitary protocols.

Anais who benefited from the donation, expressed her thanks to the PlanetRomeo Foundation and the Young Queer Alliance for the food donation.

This will help me for the next 2 months, especially in the context of COVID-19, and I am very happy. I do not have a fixed job. This food support has relieved me. I would like to encourage the Foundation and the YQA to continue helping LGBTQ people in need.

Another beneficiary, José stated:

Thank you to the Young Queer Alliance and PlanetRomeo Foundation for supporting me with face masks, sanitizers and food. The COVID-19 situation has reduced the number of clients I get for sewing. Business was down and this support will enable me to get through for a few more months with the hope that with vaccination, the business picks up.

20 LGBTQ persons in Mauritius across the island comprising 17 Trans persons and 3 gay persons benefited from the solidarity support. This would enable them to have some 2 months’ livelihood and the facemasks and sanitizers would help them to be protected from COVID-19 and get back to society to earn their living.

Young Queer Alliance

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