I am Jonas is a French-based movie relating to the memories of Jonas, a gay person, who is trying to find meaning to his emotions after living the disappearance of his college boyfriend, Nathan. Nathan is the new pupil in class as the new academic year starts. After befriending Nathan, Jonas’s parents allows him to stay over at Nathan’s place. Nathan’s mother is pregnant and about to deliver his second son, Léonard.

The night Léonard is born, Nathan’s mother dropped both Jonas and Nathan to the movie. After the movie, both Nathan and Jonas decide to go to “Boys” which is the local gay bar. However, they were not allowed in as they were not legally adults and an older gay person offers to drive them to another gay bar which would allow them in.

As the drive seemed unusually long, Nathan began to question the older gay person who knocks him unconscious while Jonas manages to flee. The story unfolds a years later with Jonas trying to find if Nathan is alive through Léonard.

Young Queer Alliance

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