The “Strengthening the inclusion and social acceptance of LGBTQIA+ persons, through policy and mindset changes, in Mauritius and Rodrigues is a Project being implemented by the Young Queer Alliance and the Collectif Arc-en-Ciel and funded by the European Union.

The social inclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons is also supported by The Other Foundation to strengthen LGBTQIA+ advocacy in Mauritius.

2. Expression of Interest (EOI) is being sought from Academics, persons with Sociology/Policy or Legal background and Human Rights Consultancy firms to submit a thematic research with regard to: “Trans equality in Mauritius through universal human rights lenses”.

Click here to download Expression of Interest [PDF]

3. The thematic research has for objective to enable human rights institutions, policy makers, ministries, law enforcement agencies, legislators and international human rights organisations to have an insight on trans equality in Mauritius against International United Nations Conventions.

4. The research shall consist of, inter-alia:

(i) a situation overview of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) persons in Mauritius;

(ii) justification of the need for the research ;

(iii) an overview of selected of human rights standards/ instruments relevant to trans people;

(iv) literature about trans-specific rights and policies;

(v) the methodology used for the analysis of the empirical approach to the research, including through focus group questionnaires, and rationale thereof;

(vi) qualitative (and quantitative – if applicable) analysis of results;

(vii) conclusion and recommendations;

(viii) a position paper and briefs of key issues highlighted in the research; and

(ix) a press-conference with the YQA and other stakeholders to present the elements of the research, position paper and briefs of key issues.


5. The deliverables of the research are expected to be completed by 31 May 2022. Disbursement of funds in relation to the research will be as follows:​

MilestoneDisbursement of research cost
Submission of 4 (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)25%
Submission of 4 (v) and (vii)50%
Submission of 4 (viii) and (ix)25%


6. Funds will be disbursed within 15 days of completion of each research milestone.

7. Proposals for the research shall include:

(i) an abstract;

(ii) a cost-breakdown (inclusive of VAT) of works to be undertaken not exceeding MUR 100,000;

(iii) the implementation timeline; and

(iv) the credentials (and experience where applicable) of the company and/or persons involved.

8. Interested applicants are kindly requested to submit proposals by email with subject “Thematic Reserch – Reference No. YQA/2022/008” addressed to the Secretary, Young Queer Alliance, at on or before Monay, 28 February 2022 24:00hrs (local time) at latest.

9. Successful applicants will be invited for an interview and presentation of their proposal as part of the selection exercise. The selected applicant will be required to attend monthly/regular meetings for the proper development/completion of the research.

10. The Young Queer Alliance reserves the right NOT to retain any proposal following the EOI or the presentation/interview.

Young Queer Alliance

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